Snyder mural

The mural that sits outside the main office at Snyder Elementary is pictured here.

SAYRE — If you walk through the halls of Snyder Elementary, it’s likely that a large mural will catch your attention just outside of the school’s main office.

The mural was created last year by Snyder students with the help of an artist-in-residence — and the Sayre Area School District is looking to once again brighten up the community with art this year.

Snyder art teacher Laura Prescott made a presentation to the school board last week and explained that artist Annemarie Zwack will visit the school district this spring for this year’s project.

While last year’s mural, which was created by sixth-grade students, was specifically for the school, Prescott is hoping to expand the project across town to the halls of Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.

“I believe it’s important for the community to get involved in doing this project because it’s something that they will remember for years to come and have to enjoy for years to come,” said Prescott, who said this time around students from all grades can contribute. “The more people that get involved doing it, when they do go to the Guthrie hospital they will be able to show their kids, ‘Oh, I worked on this when I was in elementary school and here’s your grandfather’s.’ It’s a nice tradition to carry on throughout the community.”

Prescott believes Zwack is the perfect artist to create the mural for Guthrie.

“(She) has worked in several countries doing these murals with children. She’s been in the Dominican Republic. She was just in Thailand working on different art works there with the children,” said Prescott, who said she met Zwack through the Bradford County Regional Arts Council. “I feel that with Guthrie having the abroad program, she’s the perfect person to come and help us create those murals.”

Snyder Principal Michelle Murrelle believes the mural has brought some positive energy to the school.

“When (the kids) walk by, they are so proud of their artwork,” Murrelle said. “They love it to be displayed, and what’s nice is when people from the community come in, they always comment what a great job that the kids have done.”

The mural has also shown the students involved the importance of taking pride in their work, according to Murrelle.

“I think it just teaches the kids to be prideful in the work that they do, and especially when others comment on it, it makes them want to do well and take pride in their ownership of it. It’s a great thing,” Murrelle said.

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