TWIN TIERS — Cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the Twin Tiers even as the vaccination effort ramps up across the region.

Bradford County has confirmed 137 new cases in the last five days — raising its total to 4,130 — and has an additional 25 probable cases raising that number to 850 and pushing the county’s total case load close to the 5,000 mark.

Of the county’s 60,323 residents Bradford County has 8,311 who are fully vaccinated, up 297 from just a few days ago, and another 3,983, up 481 from Thursday, who have had one dose of a two dose vaccine.

Sayre leads the county in cases with 861, up from 834 five days ago and has 93 probable cases. Athens has 531 confirmed cases, an increase of 17, and 64 probable cases.

In other county municipalities with 200 or more cases, Towanda has 502 confirmed cases, an increase of 22 from five days ago, and another 122 cases termed as probable, up eight. Troy has had 427 cases with another 51 probable cases; Canton has had 285 cases confirmed with 47 probable; Gillett has had 227 confirmed cases and 42 probable; and Wyalusing has had 226 confirmed cases, up 18 in the five-day span, with 44 probable cases.

Looking west, Tioga County, Pa. has added just 37 new cases to bring its total to 2,300 with 379 cases termed as probable.

The county has added two deaths over the last five days to reach the grim milestone of 100.

Of the county’s 40,591 residents, 4,866 have been fully vaccinated and 2,365 have had one dose of a two-dose vaccine.

Wellsboro has had 645 cases and 92 probable cases to lead the county. Mansfield has had 296 cases and 47 probable cases; and Westfield is approaching the 200 mark with 168 confirmed cases and 23 probable cases.

Looking to the north, Tioga County, N.Y. has added 85 cases in the last five days and the number of active cases has risen from 89 to 109. The death toll remains at 72.

On the vaccination front, 8,176 residents have been fully vaccinated and 12,434 have had at least one dose of a vaccine.

Chemung County has also seen an increase in confirmed cases, going from 6,787 to 6,883, an increase of 96 in five days. Those numbers include 212 cases in the Town of Chemung, up four from five days ago, and 71 in Van Etten, which has added three new cases. There are 27 active cases in the county, a number that includes 17 new cases. Eighteen are in the hospital and the death toll stands at 90.

To date, 24,946 county residents, an addition of 1,525, have had at least one dose of a vaccine and 16,673, nearly 4,100 more than five days ago, are fully protected.

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