Marking history -- Glenwood cemetery and mausoleum unveils historical marker

Pictured, from left, are former Mayor Kyle McDuffee, Friends of Waverly Cemetery Preservation President Ron Keene, former Mayor Dan Leary and current Mayor Patrick Ayres as the National Historical Marker was unveiled Saturday at the Glenwood Cemetery and Mausoleum.

WAVERLY -- After several years of determination and hard work, Ron Keene and his compatriots of the Friends of Waverly Cemetery Preservation group finally realized the fruits of their labor on Saturday.

Joined by local and state officials such as Tioga County Legislator Dennis Mullen and a representative for Assemblyman Chris Friend, as well as community members and the Valley Color Guard, the friends group unveiled the newest addition to the Glenwood Cemetery and Mausoleum -- a National Historical Marker from the United States Department of Interior.

The facility is also now on the National Register of Historic Places.

"The Friends of Waverly Cemetery Preservation is a group of non-profit volunteers who are dedicated to the protection and restoration of the cemeteries in the Village of Waverly," information provided at the event stated. "Our objective is to restore and preserve the final resting place of our relatives and friends. We believe that these cemeteries constitute a memento of the great accomplishments of the people that lived and worked here, and that their memory shall live on."

"That really says it all," Mayor Patrick Ayres said. "This marker and the friends group are true examples of a community coming together to benefit the entire village."

Ayres and former mayor Dan Leary both noted the rarity of the mausoleum, itself.

"That's been around since 1924," Leary said. "Growing up, no one really knew what was in there, so we'd tell the kids that King Tut was buried in there. But we're very fortunate to have this beautiful building in our village."

Congressman Tom Reed's executive assistant Sharon Murphy presented a proclamation to the village as well, which called on village residents to recognize and support the friends group and its mission to preserve the municipality's cemeteries.

"We really appreciate the hard work and the organizations working together to make this happen. This truly is a wonderful area."

Keene noted that the marker was also made possible through a grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

While the work for the marker has finally come to an end, the maintenance of the cemeteries is an ongoing project, said Keene.

Anyone interested in donating to the friends group or volunteering their time are encouraged to contact Keene at (607) 565-9377.


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