SPENCER — The Town and Village of Spencer Joint Planning Board met on Monday, June 24 at its new meeting location in the municipal room at 41 Main Street, Spencer.

Due to the absence of a few of the board members, the planning board was not able to make a quorum for decision-making. Expansion to the Dollar General has been unofficially approved, but the final approval has been put off to the next meeting when enough members are present.

The Town of Spencer is expected to disband its part of the Joint Planning Board by the end of this month, but the board will function as a Town and Village Board until the end of the year. Proceeding forward, if the town officially disbands the planning board, the Village plans to make a new local law creating a Village of Spencer Planning Board.

Immediately following the Spencer Planning Board meeting, an organizational meeting for the creation of a new village board began.

The village will be forming a Land Use Commission Board with planning board members Nancy Murray, Jeff Luciano, and Arlene Mackey along with village residents Darris and Vivian Couger as board members.

The purpose of this board will be to meet with the public to gather ideas about land use laws and better code enforcement laws. The ultimate goal of the board is to better the community and the properties in the village.

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