ATHENS — The Athens Area School District has been providing laptops to its high school students for several years, but starting this year, students will have an opportunity to bring them home from school.

Clint Nichols, the district’s director of information technologies, told the school board on Tuesday that there will now be an insurance plan to go along with new laptops that will be given to each freshman this year.

The insurance plan will run from $10 to $30 a year for a single student and $20 to $50 a year for families. The price will depend on eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program.

“Even though we do issue students’ laptops and they are theirs, they are responsible for any damage that’s beyond accidental. So we wanted to offer them a way to kind of limit those expenses,” said Athens Superintendent Craig Stage. “So we took the average cost of what the repairs were and we tried to find a number that would make it insurance.”

Stage believes giving the students a chance to bring the laptops home will be a big plus for the school district.

“It’s a continuation of school work that they get to work on at home. That’s an important thing. We wanted to expand that opportunity to them,” said Stage.

Another thing buying the insurance will do is give the students the opportunity to take the laptops with them to college if they pay into the plan all four years.

“They will have that opportunity if they take the insurance, and at the end of four years if they participate in the insurance, they will be able to actually keep that laptop,” Stage said.

In other news:

  • The school board announced during Tuesday’s meeting that the paving project at SRU has been completed and the Harlan Rowe project was scheduled to be done by Wednesday.
  • The school board received a “thank you” letter from State Rep. Tina Pickett for the district’s help with the Senior Expo, which was held at Lynch-Bustin Elementary on June 21.

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