WAVERLY — Waverly School District Superintendent Eric Knolles laid out a detailed reopening plan for the district at Thursday night’s school board meeting.

Put simply, if Governor Cuomo lets the schools return on Sept. 8, the projected first day of school, Waverly is ready.

Now the district is waiting on Cuomo.

In a nutshell, if the governor allows schools to open at all the plan is to start with two weeks of hybrid learning on an odd-even basis and assess the situation from there with all three plans still possibilities. The hybrid period is to last from Sept. 8 to Sept. 18.

In a survey answered by 738 households, in-person learning with social distancing was preferred by 46.07 percent of respondents. Hybrid learning was a close second at 37.13 percent with 100-percent virtual learning a poor third at 16.80 percent.

The crux of the overall plan is to maintain social distancing and keep students at least six feet apart when able. When students are closer proximity, masks are to be worn.

Knolles said that the key to the plan is cohorting. Keeping students in one classroom allows the school to control those groups.

“If someone gets sick, we know which group they were in and they’re not spreading all over the place,” he said. “We don’t have 120 students in gym class, someone gets sick and now we have 120 kids we have to have tested.”

That includes the younger students, who will have smaller classes of 10 to 20 students, and older students where each student will take one subject with one teacher for an entire marking period and then move on to the next. That allows the school, again, to have a good handle on the population and limits time in hallways going from class to class.

See Saturday’s Morning Times for more detailed information on Waverly’s reopening plan.

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