ATHENS BOROUGH — An 18-year-old Waverly man is facing charges after he and four other high school students trespassed into the Athens and Sayre high schools during class and became involved in an altercation in the Athens High halls.

Cameron Michael Talada was charged with criminal trespass, a third-degree felony, and disorderly conduct, which is a third-degree misdemeanor, according to Athens Borough police.

Police said the incident began at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Dec. 10 when the Athens school resource officer was notified that two Athens High School students had been at the Waverly High School unauthorized.

The SRO was also informed by Waverly staff that three of its own students — one of which was Talada — were going to the Athens High School, which was evidenced by the students posting pictures of themselves in the building on social media.

Around that same time, an Athens teacher reported that she had passed three students in the hallway that she “didn’t think belong to this school,” adding that they were with the two aforementioned Athens students. The SRO added that, at the point the teacher notified administrative staff, the students had already left the building.

After searching the immediate area with no results and contacting the Sayre SRO to notify that district of the situation, the Athens SRO returned to the Athens High School to continue investigating the incident.

The SRO then reviewed security camera footage and discovered that the students were let into the building by one of the Athens students through a side entrance not authorized for entry by students or visitors.

The five students, including Talada, then walked through the building utilizing the facility’s hallways, bathrooms and stairwells and also attempted to gain entry to the technical education shop class.

Eventually, Talada and the four students made their way to the first floor freshman hallway, where they encountered another student in the hall working on a project. Two of the students — not Talada — were then involved in a confrontation with the student that disrupted the active classrooms in the area. The four students and Talada then left the building four minutes later.

Upon investigating the incident further, the SRO discovered that Talada and the other two Waverly students had unlawfully entered the building a previous time — over an hour before the confrontation occurred — and wandered through the facility.

Sayre administrative staff later reported to Athens that the same five students also unlawfully entered Sayre High School.

Talada was arraigned Monday before Magisterial District Court Judge Larry Hurley. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 21.

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