A call to serve: Beers to join Navy after graduating from SHS

Sayre High School senior Matt Beers will graduate on Friday night.

Most high school seniors are looking forward to graduation and getting ready to head off to college.

For Sayre senior Matt Beers, the next few months after he graduates from SHS on Friday night will be about spending time with family and friends — and also getting ready to serve his country.

“My grandfather and father went into the military, so I’m just kind of carrying on that tradition. I felt like I had to do something to serve my country,” said Beers, who will head to boot camp for the U.S. Navy in Great Lakes, Illinois on Sept. 12.

Sayre High principal Dayton Handrick was not surprised to see Beers elect to serve in the military.

“This is a class that cares pretty deeply about the community, and Matt is a perfect example of that. He would pretty much do anything for anybody and (he is) just an all-around great kid,” Handrick said.

Beers spent his years at Sayre High doing pretty much anything he could get involved in.

The soon-to-be SHS alum competed in football, swimming and track and field — but he also was active in band, chorus and musicals.

“I’ve always liked to be involved with the school,” Beers said. “It just kept me busy, kept me doing something, so I wasn’t just sitting around. I guess I’ve always loved music, so I stuck with that and started doing sports when I wasn’t playing (music).”

Sayre will graduate 75 students on Friday night at 7 p.m. inside the Lockhart Street Bowl (weather permitting).

Beers noted that the SHS Class of 2019 was a close-knit group.

“Everybody knows everybody ... it’s just a big group of friends. We’re all friendly and welcoming towards each other,” said Beers.

Beers has enjoyed his time at Sayre High.

“It’s been a lot of fun. (There have been) some challenges with taking extra classes and stuff like that, but all around it’s been good — a good environment, nice teams, nice people,” said Beers.

And he will take some life lessons with him to the Navy.

“(I learned) you have to work hard. If you think you’re working hard, push yourself more,” Beers said.

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