Superintendent Craig Stage said at the Athens school board meeting on Tuesday evening that the district will begin to limit transitioning learning platforms on Friday.

“We’ve been extremely flexible with allowing families to integrate through different learning options,” he said. “Starting this Friday, we’re going to start limiting those learning option transitions. It’s becoming a bit cumbersome for all of us to keep track of and to get the appropriate materials to them.”

“We will welcome anyone back if they wish to come back in person,” he added. “If they choose any of the other options they will need to come meet with us and have a discussion as to why, and will need a valid reason why.”

The district is offering a variety of learning options, including attending school in-person five days a week, or two days a week while learning remotely the other three days.

Students could also choose between learning entirely remotely via live streaming, or enrolling in the Wildcat Online Learning Academy, which is self-paced and teacher-facilitated.

“We’re getting into the end of the first (marking period),” Stage said. “It’s not conducive to students to switch learning platforms so rapidly.”

Stage also said that the district’s return to school has gone well through the first few weeks.

“It takes everybody working together for a successful school year, especially (with) the pandemic that we are working under,” he said. “I’d like to thank all the staff in this district, administrators, teachers and support staff for continuing to support a successful reopening.”

He also thanked parents for their continued support in helping students stay safe and healthy, adding that it needs to continue to sustain success.

“It really does not work unless we are all working together,” he said. “I do not want anyone in our district to become complacent. It’s really a team effort. So far, it’s been very positive.”

The school board also approved a slate of candidates for the Pennsylvania School Board Association during the meeting.

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