ASHLAND — Supervisor Vern Robinson reported at the beginning of a recent Town of Ashland Board meeting that two speed bumps have been placed in Ashland.

One placed on Comfort Hill Road raised questions from the other board members. Complaints have surfaced from the speed bumps, but the one on Comfort Hill Road has raised particular concern.

The speed bump on Comfort Hill Road is designed to slow down traffic that typically speeds through town when the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. However, some board members commented that the speed bump is close to a turn and too high on the hill, causing a safety hazard and giving drivers the chance to speed up again after crossing the bump on the hill.

Robinson agreed to look into reevaluating the effectiveness and positioning of the speed bump on Comfort Hill.

Robinson also expressed concern regarding dead trees along the roads. The highway department could be asked to mark off the trees that should be removed by a tree removal company. Marking the trees ahead of time will ensure that not too many are cut down by the company; however, this process does delay having the trees removed, posing a greater risk of trees falling on the road.

As a part of the shared services agreement with the Village of Wellsburg and the Town of Chemung, the Town of Ashland shares the services of the highway department. Because of this, work on roads in the town has been delayed beyond what the town board would like to see.

The board agreed to make a list of prioritized tasks to present to either the Chemung Town Board or the highway department so that needs are clearly presented. The town board would like the highway department to do the work on roads instead of contracting out the work which is more expensive.

In order to brainstorm all the roadwork needs and priorities, the town board will be holding a special meeting open to the public on June 25 at 6 p.m. All participants are expected to wear masks.

At the next monthly meeting of the board, a public hearing will be held regarding the passing of a local law. Dumping has become an issue in roads around Ashland, and the local law under consideration deals with road complaints.

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