ASHLAND — Just before the opening of the Ashland Town Board Meeting Thursday night, Chad McDonald and Charlie Wilson were sworn in as elected town officials.

As the first meeting of the new year, an organizational meeting began the business of the Town of Ashland Board. This meeting confirmed organizational and operational aspects of the town and board’s functions such as meeting nights, committee members and town employees.

Signs for town vehicles were officially approved by the board. Current signs on town vehicles were actually never officially approved until Thursday’s meeting. The issue surfaced with the purchase of the new truck which will display the town’s signage.

Contracting the mowing of several cemeteries under the town’s care is under consideration by the town board. Contracting a company to mow the cemeteries would remove liability issues from the town and leave equipment charges to the company as well. Although only required by law to be mowed twice a year, the cemeteries may be contracted to be mowed quarterly or monthly for better upkeep.

The board approved a fire protection agreement with the Wellsburg Fire Department for 2020. The terms remain the same as other years, but the charge increased by roughly 2% totaling $63,500.

At the closing of the meeting, County Legislator Rodney Strange reported that construction on the Lowman Crossover is going out to bid. When construction begins, it is expected to be closed for about seven months.

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