BARTON — With unanimous approval from the Town of Barton Planning Board, a high-volume hemp processing and CBD extraction facility is moving forward.

Touted as potentially the largest hemp processing facility in the northeast, renovations are underway for the repurpose of the 6.8 acre former Grand Union warehouse property located at 700 Broad St. Extension.

According to High End Multi Processing (HEMP) founder, Jeff Luciano, the facility will be bringing in hundreds of thousands of pounds of hemp each day, being processed at a rate of “at least 2,000 pounds per hour.”

To put that figure in context, that’s roughly one acre of crop per hour.

Luciano and his team work cooperatively with farmers throughout the state, looking to source hemp locally — a potential boon for area farmers.

As the project currently stands, fencing around the site is being put up, and interior cosmetic renovations have been taking place, said Barton Planning Board Recording Secretary Arrah Richards.

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