WELLSBURG — The June meeting of the Village of Wellsburg Board briefly discussed the village opening up again and actions following effects from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Although once announced as taking place in June, local elections will be held in September. Absentee ballots are available for voters and are the preferred form of voting. However, polls will be open from noon to 9 p.m. for those who choose not to use absentee ballots.

The village moved into phase 3 on Friday, June 12 which means the village park and meetings are allowed to reopen. Mayor Lewis requested that the park committee attend next month’s meeting to discuss what responsibilities the committee will be taking care of and what the village is expected to do.

The short general meeting was followed by the water board meeting. Soon, a new water meter system will be used in the village. Village Clerk Nancy Craig will be receiving training for the new system at the end of this month.

Due to the pandemic, public utilities have not been shut off for the past three months, and bills have been piling up for those who have not paid for their water. The board decided to wait until the ban on shutting off utilities is lifted before discussing how to charge for overdue bills.

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