SAYRE -- As eventually all this rain will turn to snow or ice, we once again remind residents and businesses of Sayre Borough's winter ordinances. A very short list of DOs and DON'Ts is provided here to help you know what we are obliged to do to maintain safe sidewalks and streets to be good neighbors to one another.

Commercial properties are subject to the same requirements and are responsible for their own portion of the sidewalks even in the downtown area.

Do remove the snow, ice or sleet from sidewalks no later than 24 hours after a snow/ice precipitation ends.

As this is a safety issue please remember that fines can and will be imposed for failure to comply.

Store excess snow in piles on grassed areas or along the curb only.

Remove parked vehicles from permanent or temporary snow emergency routes that are posted as such for the snowplows. If you are not sure which streets are emergency routes please call any borough office for a list or confirmation. Keep in mind the borough has the authority to tow and levy fines and expenses against the owner of any vehicle parked on these streets. Help our public works department help you by honoring the "No Parking" rules during snow falls.

Travel more slowly in town and watch for children playing in the snow. Be respectful of your neighbors when handling your snow. Private entrance sidewalks must be kept open as well as public walks for mail and other delivery workers. Check on those who are most vulnerable during the cold weather. Kindly help out your older neighbors who may need assistance with shoveling or errands.

Do not plow, dump or pile the snow into the street or right-of-way or near fire hydrants or dispose of snow in any natural drainage features such as streams or waterways or storm drains for disposal of the snow.

The borough code office has a list available of contractors who do snow plowing that can be mailed or emailed upon request.

Contractors who want to work plowing in Sayre Borough will need to apply as a contractor and provide the Sayre Borough Code Agency with certificates of insurance indicating that snow plowing is covered in your policy.

If you have questions related to Sayre Borough call the code office at (570) 888-4410 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The code office will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the day after.

The borough codes can be found online at and follow the links or go to the website at


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