WAVERLY — The Waverly Board of Trustees this week accepted the low bid for proposed work that will seek to alleviate the issues of excessive stormwater runoff in parts of the village.

Specifically, the board approved the low base bid and two alternates for the project — meaning that the stormwater upgrades will take place on the streets of Lincoln, Orchard, Waverly and Fulton. The third alternate that would have stretched the work to Clark Street was deemed too costly, and would have brought the total project cost to nearly $350,000.

The work will be done by Chicago Construction for $277,000, according to bid documents, and a portion of the work will be paid for by a $125,000 grant. Five other companies had also submitted bids for the work.

Prior to the low bid’s approval, board members discussed extensively how far they wanted to go with the work.

“If we were to approve the base bid and alternate one to bring us to Waverly Street, I think that’s critical,” Mayor Patrick Ayres. “It’s a good start, but if we don’t get to at least Waverly Street and maybe Fulton Street, I don’t think we’re capturing enough water, and I don’t think we’re capitalizing on the opportunity to maximize the $125,000 that we received from the state.

“If we can get to Fulton Street, we’re going to capture a lot of water coming down that hill,” he continued. “We’re going to catch water coming down Lincoln, Waverly and Fulton — three main streets that send a lot of water down into the village.”

All of the trustees agreed that the stormwater that came down those streets during heavy rain events was extremely excessive.

“I think we need to remember these extreme water events that we’ve had this summer and these things are only getting worse,” Ayres added. “On Lincoln Street, the water was almost up to people’s waists. It’s awful, and it’s only getting worse. I think we need to be as proactive as our resources allow us to be.”

“We definitely have to go to at least Waverly Street — I’m telling you right now,” Trustee Steve Burlingame said. “A pretty large amount of water comes down Waverly Street. That’s where a lot of the water comes from, so it would be pointless to stop at Orchard Street. The amount of water that comes down Waverly Street is tremendous.”

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