Dear Sen. Yaw,

Let me introduce myself. I’m an 82-year-old retired pipefitter, I’m not a lawyer. I definitely fall into your category of non-lawyer.

I’ve voted in every presidential election since and including 1960. I’ve voted in person in every election except 1964 when I was in the Army and 2020 when we were involved in moving to Sayre, so that’s twice I’ve voted by absentee ballot. Both of these times I carefully heeded the necessity of getting them in before the deadline.

For most of my life I lived in Delaware County, one of those collar counties. After every election we always heard about the dead people who were somehow resurrected to vote in certain districts, only seldom was anyone prosecuted for voter fraud. It was always regarded as a joke and was dismissed as not an issue big enough to affect the outcome. In the 2020 election, I keep hearing the phrase not big enough to affect the outcome.

In your editorial piece appearing Dec. 29 in the Morning Times, you seem to me to be rather dismissive even cavalier about allegations of voter fraud. You must be living on another planet or too closely connected to all the biased news services to have missed testimony by interviewed witnesses to fraud; and experts in the election metrics who describe the overnight miracle of Biden’s win as nearly impossible.

I suspect attorney generals of the four states where alleged fraud occurred are eager to kick the door closed and defensively stand in front and declare “nothing to see here folks” because their butt is on the line for too quickly certifying the election.

In your letter you state “none of this supporting proof or testimony from witnesses has been presented in any of the court proceedings.” I’m a non-lawyer so I don’t know anything about procedure; I don’t know how to get a case to court. Maybe Trump’s lawyers ARE a bunch of dummies, but I think the courts are kicking the door shut and saying “nothing to see here folks” for whatever reason.

It was a close election and Trump and his supporters have a right to be heard. Even if the election fraud was proven, I don’t think the results will change, but for me I want truth, and I want fraud judged for what it is. I want reliable elections. I don’t want to hear about people voting from the grave. I don’t want to hear about truckloads of ballots coming from a mail processing center in New York and going to be counted in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I don’t want to see videos of poll workers in Georgia hauling ballots out from under a shrouded table and running them through counting machines multiple times. I don’t want to see elected officials putting their face in the newspaper saying “nothing to see here folks.”

Walter B. Major


Editor’s Note: There has been no proof provided on any of the allegations listed above about the 2020 presidential election.

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