These words should scare you. On Tues. July 23 Trump said, “I can do anything I want according to Article 2 of the Constitution.”

Not only is he wrong as usual, but it shows a mindset of a person who is following in the footsteps of Hitler. He has already taken over the Justice Department or his crony Barr which is the arm of Government that is supposed to protect our rights not represent the President in the most disgraceful manner possible. It didn’t take Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other dictators long to gain complete control of their governments once they controlled the courts and law enforcement.

Trump is the greatest danger this country has encountered since the Revolution and it is time that those who support his lying, bullying, his attacks on certain groups of people and his appointment of persons to cabinet positions that have no qualifications over than blind loyalty to Trump to open not only their eyes but their minds.

Trump is dangerous not only because of what he is but because he has created a cult of followers, most notably most of the Republican Senators who won’t stand up to him and admit the truth that he is unfit to be President and should be removed.

Trump has created an atmosphere of hate and bigotry as witnessed in Germany in the 1930s. He has substituted Jews with migrants but that is the only difference between Hitler’s programs of have and Trump’s. He has imprisoned people in cages in inhuman conditions. If you studied history Hitler didn’t start with the extermination camps but camps for undesirables and worked up to it. Slowly but surely Trump is attempting to be Dictator Trump and it is up to the American people to bring a halt to his madness.

Jack Schamel


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