Slow down

Upper Lincoln Street in Waverly is not a drag strip. Please slow down.

Problem with stray cats

Athens Borough should have some type of ordinance to help control the cats that seem to just roam around neighborhoods. The cats should at least be spayed and neutered if they are going to be allowed to live outside in the neighborhood.

Shortage at Lockwood fire department?

As a lifelong resident of the area, should I be worried about the recent shakeup of the Lockwood Volunteer Fire Company? Are other people aware of the fact that they are down to so few members after the ones that have left? And where they are trying to draw their membership from now? There are so few people that the Waverly Fire District, to my understanding, is on automatic response for most of anything significant. It’s a very concerning situation. The Town of Barton Board is actually their contracting authority. Are they aware of this?

Thanks for the helping hand

I want to say thank you again to the man and boy that stopped on Dry Brook Road on Friday to help me up after falling. Not just anyone would have noticed and helped. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.


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