House should be on “zombie list”

There is a house in our neighborhood on Broad Street in Waverly that has been vacant for several months and should be on the zombie list. He’s an out of town owner. It is one of the houses seen on Broad Street entering downtown Waverly from Exit 6o. Sure doesn’t say much for our town.

Glad to see “Absolutely Free” section

I’m glad to read that someone is advertising in the Absolutely Free section. We all have things we don’t need. We have things we don’t use and just no longer want them. It’s nice we can give them to somebody. But one thing you’ve got to remember, you don’t have to let people in your house to give it away. You can put it on your porch, or you can put it in the yard because it’s not good to let people you’re not acquainted with in your house. Thanks for doing this column and I hope people do things to enjoy on it. It’s not causing problems or complaining like that. Just make something light of the day.

Shoutout to Athens firefighters

Let’s have a shoutout to the Athens Volunteer Fire Department, those guys are awesome. They should give them a raise. Somebody should do something about it.

Road needs paving

Last year the Borough of Sayre paved about 50 yards of Larch Road. The street is a disgrace and in a deplorable condition. It has multiple crumbling potholes and is beyond patching. Please finish the rest of the street.

Dead trees

I counted 15 dead trees at Riverfront Park in Sayre today.

Barton needs stricter code enforcement

This is to the Town of Barton Code Enforcement Office, please do your job. Go after the people that do not mow their lawns. You can check out Old Route 34 and all the cars that are in the yard. You went around a couple years ago. There’s loads of cars on Oxbow Road that are not licensed. Please do your jobs.

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