In all the many years since I was first eligible to vote, the presidential election has been framed by both parties and the media as only a choice between the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate.

Each party always says the same thing: Vote for me because the other party will take away your right to (fill in the blank for whatever issue is important to you). It is easy to understand why each party thinks this way — they are afraid of losing power. Why the media goes along with it is not something I can answer.

This election is probably the most important one we have had for many years. If you are one of the many voters who does not want either candidate as president and is therefore planning to (a) vote for the lesser of two evils, or (b) stay home on election day, I would like to remind you that there are other options.

There are at least three legitimate registered alternative parties whose platform could be more in line with your beliefs or needs. (In fact, we have a local candidate running for the 12th District House of Representatives — Liz Terwilliger, Libertarian from Warren Center).

If no other party appeals to you, there is the final option of a write-in vote for a person you respect who you think would make a good president. The one alternative you should NOT consider is staying home on election day. It is true that one vote alone seems unimportant, but when that vote is multiplied by thousands it becomes very definitely important.

Dietlind Crain


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