Upset with Commissioner

1. The people of Bradford County should drain the local swamp and vote Commsioner McLinko out of office. It’s disgraceful that he attacked State Senator Gene Yaw on the Steve Bannon show. Senator Yaw has done more for our community than McLinko could ever hope to do. McLinko isn’t about public service, he’s about self-service and self promotion. He never misses an opportunity to get himself in the paper and has unsuccessfully ran for higher office on two occasions while serving the people of Bradford County.

2. Commissioner McLinko has no right to represent Bradford County in his nefarious political agendas. As a resident of Bradford County, I deeply resent McLinko representing me at that seditious riot in Washington. My resentment will be reflected in the next election.

3. After the treasonous acts we witnessed (at the Capitol) I call for the immediate resignation of Doug McLinko.

4. Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, hand guns: Rudy says ‘let’s go to combat.’ McLinko, I would recommend a good optometrist. You can’t see. Watch CNN if you ‘re awake after 9 p.m. for the truth.

5. I was reading the article where a senator from Pennsylvania is being asked to resign because he attended the Trump rally in Washington. I’d like to know why he’s being asked to reisign when we have a county commissioner who was at that rally and has had a protest rally on his own behalf isn’t being asked to resign. People of Bradford County, open your eyes.

6. I would like to explain to Mr. McLinko, because apparently he has no idea why those deplorables that he’s so proud of were wearing riot gear on Jan. 6. Their sole purpose in going there was to storm the capitol building as they so proudly stated themselves; hence the wearing of riot gear. They were not there to peacefully rally as many people do in D.C. Mr. McLinko, you state you have no idea who those people were. Well, you need to get your head out of the sand and realize the man you worship incited this riot himself with his own words prior to the storming. And they were his people just as you are. Mr. Sullivan was the only commissioner to actually say ‘he was the one who fueled this fire,’ but you can’t bring yourself to put the blame where it lies.

Two words

I have two words for what happened last Wednesday — TRAITOR and LUDICROUS for the excuses.

On Act 77

Act 77 pertaining to PA Voting Reform was signed into law in October 2019. How come Commissioner McLinko didn’t publicly take issue with it then? He takes major issue with it now. Isn’t the right to vote a key component of democracy?

12 Days of Christmas

When did people decide that the 12 Days of Christmas are the 12 days before Christmas? The 12 Days of Christmas are the days between December 25 and January 6.

No recycling at the transfer station

You people in the Town of Barton don’t think you’re going to take your recycling down to the transfer station and drop it off. You no longer can do that. I just went up and found that out. Then I paid for three months pick-up at my home. They gave me a recycling container to put my stuff in. So, watch out. You can’t take your recycling up.

Keller’s OTHER work

Just wanted to say what a wonderful article there was in the Tuesday (Jan. 5) edition of the Morning Times, on the front page, of Congressman Keller being sworn in for his second term. It lists all of the different bills Congressman Keller was responsible for but it fails to list his most important one. His most important accomplishment which was the “Lets Get Rid Of Democracy” bill that he signed on to and is going to participate in, in trying to reverse a democratic election where the people of the United State chose a president of the United States by over (seven) million votes and in a landslide of electoral votes. Congressman Keller wants to reverse that but it’s interesting that THAT article didn’t include that wonderful piece of work that he’s working on — in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of high unemployment — interesting. Please ask Congressman Keller’s office next time they release a news release to make sure they include ALL of the things he does both inside the democracy and those newest pieces outside the democracy.

How many schools?

I’ve lived in the Valley for 75 years and I’m seeing in the paper that there’s only one high school in the area that holds sports?

Editor’s note: Until this week there were two (Athens and Sayre). As of Tuesday, two other schools have added three teams (Waverly and Tioga bowling and Waverly swimming) with all events being held virtually. This is, of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions from New York state.

Not Trump fans

1. Wow. For someone who professes to make America great, Trump has done so much to distract, disrupt and destroy the process of our American democracy.

2. I’m not surprised at what happened at the U.S. Capitol. I knew Trump would do something before he left office. He just can’t take a beating. He’s always been a crook all his life and I don’t know how he ever got to be president. I sure hope they never get him back in there.

3. In response to the letter to the editor that said that the election was close, Trump said that the same margin he beat Hilary by was a landslide.

4. Well, it proves that Trump is the worst president we ever had in the United States. I think he should be thrown out of office and — along with his son Don Jr. — should both be locked up. You better hurry before he does something else in his last few days.

5. Why are people in Bradford County — and Chemung and Tioga County — flying Trump banners and confederate flags together. I see them waving from the backs of pickup trucks, they’re tacked on porches and attached to the sides of homes together. Pennsylvania and New York were part of the Union during the Civil War. Then on Wednesday at the Capitol, there were a couple shots of confederate flags and Trump banners, again together. Can somebody explain this bizarre and disturbing connection between Donald Trump and the confederacy? I’m so confused.

Plenty of blame to go around

As Americans struggle to put (Wednesday’s) debacle at the Capitol in perspective, I see plenty of blame to go around. Have we forgotten media polls in 2016 that predicted Hilary Clinton as president causing every day of the Trump presidency to be met with discord and distrust. How about Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful behavior at President Trump’s State of the Union address inciting contempt as he tries to honor deserving Americans? I think any fair-minded American saw the several instances of creative ballot counting and strategic last-minute procedural changes mostly benefitted one party in November. The election in Georgia should have been exactly that. Instead it drew investment and interference from across the nation. Lastly, do Americans really believe that total control of every branch of the government by one party is desirable? It’s not desirable in a democracy. That’s what (the Capitol) incident was all about.

Regarding the Washington busses

This is in reference to the busses that left for Washington (last Wednesday). I’m appalled that most were probably maskless, they were in close quarters and were using the same bathroom. They should be quarantined after the trip, but we know that will not happen. I think if there was an increase in the COVID cases due to this that those affected should not be able to utilize the resources for care. This should be reserved for people who get infected innocently.

Waiting for answer

McLinko and Trump, answer me. How could Stacy Garrity, a not-famous Republican from a little county in Pennsylvania, beat an established Democrat incumbent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s State Treasurer position? Why didn’t these same Republican voters vote for Trump? Pretty simple, really, I guess. If you can’t figure it out, these voters did not want Trump. It’s pretty obvious. Yet Pennsylvania screwed him? Come on!

Mail problems

The next thing I want to hear President-elect Biden report is that he’s going to fire the Postmaster General — the puppet that Trump put in there to circumvent a legal, justified election and thus created a massive backlog of mail. I just received my January monthly bank statement. To date, neither my wife nor I have received our December statement. I’ve reported it to the bank and the bank employee hasn’t received his either. It’s a result of what this puppet did in the post office to dismantle it.

Where’s Melania?

Where has Melania Trump been this past week since the Capitol was trashed by rioters on Jan. 6? Recall that her motto has been ‘Be Best.” She supposedly speaks five languages but she can’t use that vast vocabulary to denounce the violence in any language

Helpful traffic tips

While we’re in the process of doing the 199 makeover there are a few intersections along that route that could use red, yellow, green stoplights. For instance, Lockhart and Desmond streets; Lockhart and Wilbur Avenue; the Mohawk, Spring and Lehigh intersection; as well as Spring Street at the Milltown Bridge; and Cayuta Avenue and Broad Street in Waverly and Fulton and Broad Street in Waverly. These little ole blinking red lights and stop signs just don’t do the job anymore.


As Americans decry the recent invasion of the Capitol Building, I’m reminded of a comparable situation on the other side of our great nation. I’m referring to thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them violent criminals, who’ve been storming our southwestern border for years. President Trump tried desperately to protect the sovreignty of our nation but was rebuffed at every turn by people who flouted federal law and gave them sanctuary. Now thousands of U.S. citizens live in fear for their lives and property and that fear is spreading across the nation. Please tell me why the invasion of the Capitol Building is worse that the unvasion of our nation.

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