Dear Editor,

Thank you publishing my letter to the editor on Oct. 27, 2018 and for giving it a title, "The evil of our day."

Something I omitted to say in that letter should have been said. I would like to add it now: The movie "Gosnell" and the book "Gosnell," both released this month, record how Pennsylvania's former governor, Thomas Ridge, gave orders to state health officials not to inspect abortion clinics. Women die from legal abortions in them.

Gosnelt's trial is interesting as it was virtually boycotted by the media when it took place, and was barely reported upon afterwards. The movie about the trial shows the numerous empty rows of seats reserved for the press. Now that the movie has been released, reporting upon the movie has been minimal. Kermit Gosnell, MD is a graduate of Jefferson Medical School. For 30 years he performed abortions including abortions illegal in Pennsylvania; he killed many children in the uterus when the mother was more than six months pregnant. (A child in the uterus is called a fetus meaning "offspring" in Latin.) Gosnell also killed babies born alive during an abortion, by cutting them in the back of their necks. He had his unlicensed non-medical assistants, some with only an eighth-grade education, administer anesthetic drugs to patients prior to his daily arrival in his clinic. He is serving a life sentence for murder, the murder of the babies born alive and of the women who died from his abortion procedures.

The failure of Pennsylvania health officials to inspect his clinic which was replete with the corpses of aborted babies, with contaminated surgical instruments used for procedures on multiple patients without proper sterilization, with cat feces from cats wandering about the inside of the clinic, and the deliberate renewal of his clinic licenses without inspections is jaw-dropping,

In my prior letter I stated I would not ever vote for a man or woman who continues to perpetuate the evil of our day, abortion. This includes voting for our state senators in Washington who vote to continue funding Planned Parenthood. I received an email from one of our Pennsylvania senators who told me why he supports Planned Parenthood, which receives over a BILLION taxpayer dollars annually. He stated abortion isa "complicated issue" for our country and he supports "family planning and contraception." Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is the major provider of abortions in our country. Unfortunately, contraception agents are carcinogenic. In 2012 the World Health Organization proclaimed contraceptives to be equally carcinogenic (i.e. likely to produce cancer) as asbestos and tobacco. I cannot vote for a man or woman who supports the killing of babies and the distribution of agents which cause cancer.

I wish the movie "Gosnell" could be shown in the Sayre Theatre. One day each and every one of us must give an account of our decision to support or to decry abortion. Seeing the movie as well as reading the book "Gosnell" could help us make a wise choice on this issue. I'm not sure why our senator thinks abortion is "complicated": it is the snuffing out of a human being. As St. Augustine once said, "The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose, and it will defend itself."


Rachel Lee, MD


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