Thank you

With both Mother’s Day and Nurse’s Day approaching, I would like to thank Jack Schamel for recognizing the Cadet Nurses from WWII (March 19th “letter to the editor”). My Mom was a member of the Cadet Nursing Corps from the beginning in 1943. I still have her membership card, cap, and some pictures of her in uniform. I was happy to see that has a commercial regarding the Cadet Nurses, who never got the recognition that they deserved. My mom passed away 13 months ago at 95 years of age. She and my Dad both worked at Tioga General Hospital from 1961; my father was a nurse anesthetist there until 1986. My mom was one of the founding RNs of the Tioga County NY Public Health Nursing Service in July of 1966. Many people in the county greatly appreciated them for their work. My parents knew Dr. Schamel. Thank you again to Mr. Schamel for bringing attention to the brave young nurses who promised to do whatever their country asked of them.

Comment from an old guy

This is just a quick comment from an old guy who was once a young kid. If your biggest problem is those kids on the motorized bicycles, during the day. Were you ever a kid? Did you ever annoy older people? Kids on motorized bikes — chickens — peoples yards not being as pretty as you think they should be. Aren’t there really more important things going on now?

Gazebo needs work

I agree with the person calling in about the Howard Elmer Park gazebo. It definitely needs attention.

Saluting Col. Vail

I’d like to commend Colonel Vail on such an accomplishment and also being a son of Sayre who did his service to the United States of America. Because of people like Col. Shawn Vail, a 1986 graduate of Sayre High School, we are surely the home of the free because of the brave. Thank you so much Shawn and congratulations to you and your family. God bless; and hopefully we will have more like Col. Vail to help us go through all of out trials and tribulations as we go on as the great country of the United States of America. God bless, go forward and be peaceful.

Message to the “wokies”

You can’t fix dumb and laziness with free stuff and money. China and Russia are just laughing.

Kudos to the

Waverly homecoming royalty

It was very nice to see the smiling faces of the king and queen and the court in the newspaper instead of hiding behind masks. For a moment, there was a return to normalcy. They all looked great. Keep smiling and congratulations.

So many masks

Why did all of the members of Congress attending President Biden’s speech at the Capitol wear masks? Weren’t the members of Congress completely vaccinated before the regular citizens? I remember watching AOC get her shot and she’s only 30-something. We didn’t even get a chance to see Vice President Harris’s silly laugh. Is she still in charge of the crisis at the southern border? God Bless America, mask or no mask.

Congratulations to Times staff

Congratulations to the Morning Times staff for the media awards they were presented. It’s so nice to have a local paper with local news. If you want national news, buy a national paper. This is local news and it is appreciated to stay in touch with our community. Congratulations again!

Sayre ordinance

Sayre has a quality of life ordinance. Why is it not being enforced in Milltown? Too many parked vehicles; lawn mowers laying around; trash laying around. Someone should drive around and see how bad it is.

Angry special message

This is for the cowardly person who backed into a 2017 Kia Optima, broke the grill and left grey paint on the car. You’re nothing but a coward. You didn’t leave your name, your insurance or your phone number. Yeah, we really need more people like you in the world.


I remember some time ago the schools of our nation had something called SYATP, which stood for see you at the pole, where on certain days students gathered around the flag pole to pray for our nation and to pray for various concerns on their heart. I think that would be wonderful — even if we had to use masks, sanitizing and social distancing — for all businesses to do that occasionally around their flag poles right now. If there’s anything our nation needs right now, it’s prayer. If all businesses could follow that old school lead, maybe our coronavirus and a few other things might dissipate.

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