Stores need to enforce mask rules

I’ve noticed a large percentage of customers without the required masks at a local shopping center. These individuals are breaking the rules and endangering the health of other shoppers. Some effective form of enforcement is needed for the public welfare.

Question about paper

I was just wondering when we’re going to get a paper every day?

Editor’s Note: The Morning Times will return to five print editions per week beginning Monday, July 6. The print days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Still waiting on tax return

I mailed my tax return in on March 3 and I still haven’t heard a word. I’m wondering how many other folks haven’t received their refunds as of this date. This is an answer to a previous question (in Soundoff) on tax returns, so apparently there are at least two of us who haven’t got our refunds yet. Come on IRS, get on the ball.

Restaurants and bar patrons should wear masks

I can’t for the life of me understand why dine-in service at bars and restaurants is exempt from wearing masks. People who say ‘how am I supposed to put food in my mouth with a mask on’ doesn’t hold water. It can be done, it needs to be done. It’s the only way we’re going to get over this pandemic. If you can’t eat and drink in a restaurant or a bar with a mask on, then you need to order takeout and eat and drink in your own home privately. Restaurants and bars, dine-in service, need to wear masks. Restaurant managers and owners need to enforce this.

Confused by support for Biden

If I had a husband that was running for mayor and he was incoherent, couldn’t answer questions and was kept in a basement, the people that voted for him would be morons and his wife and children would be considered with elder abuse. I don’t understand anybody voting for Joe Biden.

Valor Street speeding

Well, Valor Street has become the new Keystone Ave. thanks to whatever construction they’re doing at the traffic signal on Lincoln and Keystone. Everyone is racing up and down Valor to avoid that — nightmare.

Athens fields are not a dog park

Read the signage, Athens Area High School Alumni Stadium has three entrances to the stadium with signage at each entrance: No bikes, skateboards and no dogs. This is not a dog park. This includes baseball, softball and Little League fields.

Kudos to Guthrie Clinic

I would just like to give the Guthrie Clinic offices high marks, not only for their heroism in caring for coronavirus patients, but in keeping the buildings clean and sanitized. It was nice to go in there this morning and see every chair in the clinic six feet apart; every employee offering you masks and sanitizer; and every employee asking you to please step back six feet behind the line. If every single business in the world would do what they were doing, we would be over this health crisis months ago. Thank you and God bless you all for the wonderful job you’re doing at the Guthrie Clinic.


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