The Constitution created the separation of powers within our government. The framers of the Constitution said no man is above the law. Those elected to office and appointed by the President take an oath to “uphold and defend” the Constitution of the United States.

Barr, as Attorney General took this oath. He is in a separate branch of government from the President. He is our lawyer not the President’s. He has violated his ethics as an attorney by his misleading statements. An attorney is not to mislead his clients and the American people are his clients. As an attorney he knows that you don’t ignore lawful subpoenas.

If you think they are invalid then you go to court to quash. Subpoenas are part of our judicial system and cannot be ignored. The Courts have long held the right of Congress to subpoena. For Barr and the President to ignore the very principals of the legal system, is only further evidence of the President and his henchmen it ignore their oath of office.

I don’t want to hear about Clinton or Obama. That is ancient history when the Republicans were in power. I want to deal with today. We have an immoral, unpatriotic, untruthful hypocrite, in Barr and Trump. It is time for both to be held accountable. Accountability could start with Barr losing his license to practice law if any state bar has the guts to do it. Edward R Morrow said. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

We are ignoring the greatest threat to our way of government and way of life and I believe giving very little thought to it. What is that you ask. It is the apathetic, uninterested, uninformed, uneducated and bored American electorate.

Trump and especially his henchman Barr have been driving the media circus to distract us all from the real issue which is the separation of powers and number two is the rule of law.

Barr is not Trump’s attorney but our attorney. That means he is to represent us. He has failed to do that and needs to be held accountable.

A lawyer is not to mislead his/her client but that is exactly what he has done. Barr should be brought before the Grievance Committee of whatever state bar he holds a license in and should have his license to practice law pulled.

We have just seen a replay of what went on in the thirties and early forties in Germany. Distort the facts and keep repeating the distortion and people will either begin to believe the misrepresentations or just tune out.

What Barr is continuing to be Trump’s personal Attorney General. This violates not only his code of ethics as a lawyer but also his oath of office and he should be impeached for such behavior. Attorneys are supposed to look for the truth and to speak the truth.

Barr took an oath to uphold the Constitution. That means follow the law. Barr violates his oath of office when he ignores legally issued subpoenas. If you don’t believe a subpoena is valid the move to quash. To just ignore the subpoena is a violation of the rule of law.

To do nothing in the face of the erosion of the principles of separation of powers allows those in power to ignore the rule of law and literally hands over the reins of government to those now in office.

In the thirties and early forties the German people thought of Hitler as a clown and lazy. They really underestimated Hitler and I fear we are underestimating Trump and what he will do especially if he should lose the nomination or the election. He is surrounding himself with people who will do his bidding. Remember Hitler didn’t take over the government is one move. He surrounded himself with people who did his bidding and slowly eroded the safe guards that were in place.

“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.” — Albert Camus

We are seeing unethical, illegal and criminal behavior is the characteristics of the men surrounding Trump. I said very early on that if you want to know where Trump is headed read Mien Kamph.

Trump is President but he has to be held accountable. Impeachment is not a bad word — it is a word our founding fathers wrote in to the Constitution. It is a tool to stop tyranny, deposition, and the destruction democracy.

It is now time for our elected representatives to use that tool. Those who won’t show their cowardice and do not deserve to remain in office.

Jack Schamel


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