I just wanted to give a big “thank you” to the Sayre DPW and the Sayre Police for helping rescue a kitten trapped in a drain on the Sayre Bridge over the river on May 29.

My aunt and I were driving home over the bridge when we spotted what happened to be a cat’s head sticking up out of one of the drains in the middle of the bridge and upon closer inspection, I discovered a tiny kitten trapped in the drain. I stayed with the kitten while my aunt, Dorotha West, drove down and spoke with Sayre DPW workers who were just down the road. She also went to the Sayre Police to give them an exact location.

Within minutes, Blaine, Bill and Nick from Sayre DPW arrived and jumped into action to save the kitten. They went over and above to save the kitten. I am very grateful to them for their kindness and good humor. They did a great job.

Anna Markevitch


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