I noted the article wherein a Guthrie Physician Assistant was demonstrating a new product from Colorescience available at Guthrie. She said the makeup contained sunscreen up to 50 SPF and doubles as a bronzing agent as a part of Guthrie’s initiatives against skin cancer.

In view of this, I thought your readers might want to know that today’s (08/03/19) Wall Street Journal has an excellent article mentioning that sunscreens, which are known to be absorbed through the skin, may contain up to 16 different minerals and chemicals and that some of these, e.g., trolamine salicylate, are not considered safe.

The FDA, which provided this information based on a recent study, said that sunscreens need to be investigated more thoroughly. In the meantime, the FDA did not discourage people from using sunscreens and in fact said people should continue to do so (apparently the good outweighs the bad at this point). Since these products have been publicly available for many years, I found it upsetting that the Federal Department of Agriculture had not already investigated them to assure the safety thereof.

Lawrence Fraley

Jupiter, Florida

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