Have you ever noticed when you are facing some problem or dilemma you often receive advice from everywhere and everyone — asked for or not.

Sometimes if the advice comes from someone we may not trust or respect so much we just kind of tune it out. I know someone who has been married four times and has lived with a couple of people as well and has all the answers about love and relationships for others. Go figure.

Relationships and love are an area advice seems to get handed out freely, which is surprising as song writers, and poets have been trying to define love for years and still haven’t exactly hit the nail on the head if you know what I mean. Again, love obviously means different things to different people; as is shown by all the relationships breaking up. Often I witness one side crushing and hurting the other person as only one seems to realize its ending; love is supposed to be mutual isn’t it? How does one know it’s over and not the other?

At other times, the advice comes from a friend or family member that we love and trust so listen but doesn’t always mean its right for us or that we will agree.

Listening, considering, then filtering out what is right or wrong for us; that can get tricky as well. We each are making decisions from our own life experiences and the advice givers have different ones so can recommend things wrong for others.

Health advice is a big one; heard a lot from others; folks that don’t have any medical training, just know what they have gone through. Listen but talk to your own doctor and your situation before you take that advice; just like never take someone else’s drugs.

Ever meet someone who seems to think they have all the answers; but the trouble is they don’t even know all the questions.

Best bet I hear is to keep an open mind, listen, and filter out what makes sense; but you must make the choice, not them, of what is right for you. Love the Native American saying about not judging “till you walk a mile in the others’ moccasins.” Again our life experiences are all so different so the answers will be different.

Advice givers can give you ideas but how can they know the perfect idea for you when they are not you? And remember no one is perfect. We all are making mistakes and triumphs as we try to live our lives.

This whole column came about when I heard a young woman say, “My boyfriend knows it all; he gives the best advice.” How sweet—ECK!!! She better get him down from that pedestal, he might get hurt if he falls. (grin)

Found some Irish advice posted around St. Patrick’s Day that I liked, “Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or an idiot from any direction.” (grin)

Like giving my readers food for thought as they say.

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