I read with great humor the July 4 article in the Morning Times entitled “We have codes in place for a reason.” What a profound statement by someone who takes no action to see they are enforced.

He must be worried about not being popular. What a joke when it’s been my experience that many of the codes and ordinances are ignored by code enforcement unless I, at the risk of being unpopular, initiate official written complaints and insist that the officers do the job they’re getting paid for.

Since I have moved back to Waverly, I have initiated many, many complaints relative to violations of existing codes and ordinances. These relate to both village and town officials. The problem in Waverly is not having the codes and ordinances, but not having officers with enough intestinal fortitude or ambition to enforce them. They would rather sit on their hands at the village hall than get in the vehicles we purchased and look for violations.

These laws were written by forefathers who were much smarter than we now have or have had the past few administrations.

Aronstam stated “People agree to live by the codes once they live in the village.” No they don’t. Most people I’ve talked to have no idea what codes and ordinances are and couldn’t care less. They don’t even know that New York state law dictates a driver must turn his headlights on when his wipers are on in a rainstorm. I wonder how many trustees know that?

Aronstam states “We’re obligated as a board to enforce these codes.” I suggest he walk the sidewalk not the east side of Garfield Street past the white house with no number on it, next to the Chemung Canal Bank Property. It’s really fun to negotiate especially in the winter when it isn’t shoveled. It has been in that condition for years. Where has code enforcement been all that time — being popular?

I wonder if Andrew has the guts to tell the owner to repair it? We’ll see.

Donald R. Laman


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