The building located on the corner of South Elmer Avenue and West Lockhart Street in Sayre that most of us remember as Art Reagan’s Jewelry store currently houses the Greenhouse Market Café. I have recently been asked questions about the history of the building so the following is the result of my search.

Joseph E. Wheelock built the three-story brick building at 100 South Elmer Avenue in Sayre in 1903. According to the assessment books housed in the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, Mr. Wheelock contested the assessed value of the building in the assessment of 1903 and lost. His assessment was raised from $3,500 to $6,175. Wheelock purchased the lot for the building from Thomas Hamilton in 1902.

The Wheelock block because of its location on a corner had two street addresses. The first is 100 South Elmer Avenue and the second is 201 West Lockhart Street. In the beginning there were store fronts on both sides of the building. The following is what I could find in directories for businesses that occupied the building over the years.

1905: Daly and Maroney Grocery. James Patrick Daly son of James M. Daly the famous Sayre Band Leader and Thomas Maroney either a cousin or uncle (James’s mother was a Maroney) to James P. were in partnership in a grocery store in the building. At the 201 West Lockhart St. address were Harold Gillespie a druggist, Albert Murry M.D., Dr. Edward Williams a dentist and Fred E. Wilson a music teacher.

1909: The Sanborn Fire Maps show that Smith’s Business College and a telegraph office are in the building. Smith’s Business College was short lived in Sayre. It was founded circa 1908 ( I have a Smith Business College envelope post marked December 1908) by Isaac L. Smith a native of Iowa who came to Sayre from New Castle, PA. Smith and his wife Lois and five children lived on Desmond Street and he is listed on the census of 1910 as Principal of Business School. The Smith Business College does not show up in Sayre Directories after 1910 and in 1918 he was living back in New Castle, PA. He was deceased by the census of 1920. The building also housed William and Lewis Dentists and The Globe Warehouse.

The Globe Warehouse was a spin off from the Globe Warehouse in Scranton which eventually became the Globe Store. The Scranton Globe Store had Globe Warehouses in several towns mostly in the Scranton area, so the Sayre store was unique. The Globe Warehouse featured Ladies and Children’s’ apparel and claimed that “every well-dressed woman in the valley, that knows what good clothes means, should investigate Style Crafty.” 1909 was the Globe Warehouse’s first year in Sayre and they are in directories up to the start of World War I so they were here about eight years.

1918: 100 S. Elmer Avenue is vacant, and Williams and Lewis Dentists and Bert Squires are located in 201 West Lockhart Street. Beret Squires was a conductor on the Lehigh so he must have had some living arrangement in the building.

1921: Valley Cooperative Grocery store is in the building along with the Lehigh Valley Railroad offices, and Williams and Lewis Dentists and the Paris Beauty Parlors.

1922: The Lehigh Valley Railroad offices occupied the 100 South Elmer Avenue storefront. William and Lewis Dentists, Paris Beauty Parlor and Patrick Dougherty occupied the West Lockhart address. Patrick Dougherty was listed as a shop hand. Mrs. Elizabeth Devan is listed as the proprietor of the Paris Beauty Parlors.

1924: The Market Basket Grocery store, Leon I. Bloss manager, Paris Beauty Parlors, Williams and Lewis Dentists and Foreman and Clark manufacturing are the occupants of the block.

On January 1, 1924 Foreman and Clark, Inc., national clothing manufacturers and retailers, leased the top two floors of the Wheelock building, Machinery and equipment for manufacturing operations were sent to Sayre and work began February 1, 1924. The operation eventually took over the entire building except for the few offices that were located on West Lockhart street. Foreman and Clark remained at this site until their building on South Elmer was built in 1926.

1928, through at least 1931 finds the building empty. An article in the Evening Times in 1987 stated that the wide-open spaces on the second and third floors were popular places for dances and wedding receptions in the late 1920s.

1930: Joseph E. Wheelock was killed crossing the highway near Milan. The property passed to his wife of two years Grace Yocum Wheelock

1936. George B. French had his automobile dealership in the building along with John E. Shadduck who ran a Billiards parlor.

1937: Grace Yocum Wheelock sold the Block to Harry A. Fredman.

1940: Bern Furniture is located in the building and remained there about twenty years.

1962: Art Reagan Jewelers purchased the building where they operated their business until the devastating fire at the Paluzzi property next door on January 27, 1999.

2020: The property is currently owned by Jack Wheeler and he operates the very popular Greenhouse Market Café in the building.

Henry Farley is a founding member and a current board member of the Sayre Historical Society. He is also president of the Bradford County Historical Society.

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