Police should crack down on speeding

I was wondering why the police don’t do more about speeding in the area? Pick any street and people ignore it. When I do the speed limit, people tailgate and waive their arms. It would also bring in more money for them.

Proper grammar needed

English teachers need to instill proper grammar into young people. The media and sportscasters don’t seem to know the past tense of went is the word gone. An example is the Sayre Summer Rec story of (Aug. 6).

Learn about Lyme disease

I am begging medical professionals to stand by the hippocratic oath and treat Lyme disease patients quickly and properly. An elderly lady was bitten four times recently and one tick was very hard to remove, it took days, and she was told to come back if she got a rash and was sick. Most people don’t get a rash and it might take a while to get sick. Please, please learn about lyme disease and treat people properly.

Track and release a great program

On the track and release programs for cats, I think that’s the best program they’ve ever had. Cats just keep multiplying and this is just wonderful.

Humans causing cat problem

The cat problem is in large a result of humans who neglect to spay and neuter their cats. Track, neuter, release is an effective way to control populations. Unwanted litters, fighting and disease are drastically reduced in (track and release) counties. Shelters are full of cats everywhere. I recommend those continuing to complain about this issue as well as expecting others to take care of it for them, take an active part to come up with a humane solution and help implement it.

Speeding in South Waverly

This is in response to the article on the front page of the Morning Times on Aug. 7 concerning speeding in South Waverly. I would gladly allow Sayre Police to park in my driveway. The ticket quota for a month could be accomplished in a couple of days.

River walk needs benches

So, we finally got our river walk and it’s nice and pleasant enough, but two miles long and not one bench to stop and rest on and gaze out at our pretty river for a while. What’s wrong with this picture?

Brush cleanup day in Chemung?

Would Chemung consider have brush cleanup days? Sayre does. Waverly and Tioga County has a place to go, but not Chemung — not that I know of anyways.

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