I read the article about Doug McLinko in Saturday’s paper with great interest, and also great trepidation. If our elected officials are to behave in a manner such as was displayed in his “interview” with alleged criminal Steve Bannon, charged with fraud for his “build the wall” scam, then what, exactly, are we paying them for?

If you’re not sure who Steve Bannon is, it’s OK. He is only one of many Trump accomplices to have been charged and/or sentenced for illegal activities. Even I get confused while trying to keep all the names straight. Drain the swamp, indeed.

That poor election-fraud horse has been beaten to a bloody pulp, and Mr. McLinko is showing no signs of stopping.

See, he knows Act 77 was designed to help people vote by making it easier. Conservatives don’t like that. Nixon’s Southern Strategy comes to mind, but you can read a history book if you don’t believe me.

His candidate lost, and his ego seems to be as fragile as Trump’s. If our Dear Leader’s lawyers wanted to prove election fraud, all they have to do is submit evidence to that fact. I have yet to see any, and it appears these judges, some of which Trump appointed, seem to agree with me.

So here we are, with another Republican riding the Trump Train until it crashes among the wreckage of Trump’s failed border wall. An elected official is attempting to subvert our democracy, and are we just going to stand by and let it happen? People in this country have been jailed for far less. We need to stop giving mediocre white men a platform.

Rob Warzyniak


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