I have written several letters addressing the need for the separation of Church and State, and the various elected officials who continue to ignore the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

Here we go again.

Republican Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama quietly signed a new piece of legislation a couple weeks ago, allowing the Briarwood Presbyterian Church to form its own police force. This police force, whose training will be state-funded, shall be responsible for patrolling the church and its two school campuses.

You’ll remember, Gov. Ivey is the one who signed the draconian “pro-life” bill into law barely a month ago. She has no qualms about making known her religious reasons for putting her name on these bills, going so far as to mention God in a tweet about her anti-abortion bill. The phrase “Christian Law” comes top mind, as does the word “Talibama.”

Imagine the public outcry if a mosque was to even request the same opportunity. Prediction: it would be deafening. Religious freedom is a two-way street, and those who are terrified of “Sharia” show an astounding lack of self-awareness.

The ACLU has already announced they will fight this, as they should, and God bless them for that (see what I did there?). But you can fight this, too. You have a voice, so use it. Alabama deserves better.

Rob Warzyniak


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