Not a fan of Little Cutie Contest

I understand that the Little Cutie Contest is for a great cause, however, what message does this send? That my child is cuter than yours? No individual, no matter what age, should be judged by the attributes of his or her face. It’s also a popularity contest.

What happened to Waverly stadium?

I’m wondering what happened to the beautiful Waverly stadium with all the beautiful shrubbery. It looks like it’s all weeds now. The railings are being covered with vines. All the money that was put into that by the taxpayers and it looks like crap when you drive by.

Any news on Williams Subaru move?

What’s the latest on the move of Williams Subaru across town? Or is it being bought out by a different company? It looks like weeds are growing over at the old P&C. What’s going on?

Trump won’t serve in “civil war”

On Sept. 29, Trump sent out that hideous tweet about a civil war — well America, stop your worrying, because our leader has that doctor’s excuse for his old bone spurs so he won’t be sent into action and won’t have to fight.

Government should help all people

I think it’s time that our government, especially heads of various agencies, realize that there are more than rich and lazy people in our area that could use some help. What about our poor people and our mentally challenged? They are humans also and should be treated as such. They deserve to be treated as royally as the rich — not as third-class citizens. Put yourselves in their shoes. Think about it and offer them some encouragement too. They deserve it.


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