Cemetery road problems

To the person who is complaining about the roads in Tioga Point Cemetery, take a ride to the Union Cemetery in East Smithfield. You will see that your roads are much better.

Keep national politics out of Soundoff

My husband and I were very disappointed last week when we saw somebody spouting off about national politics. I would appreciate your keeping it out of Soundoff. If they want to say something, send a letter to the editor but not on Soundoff. I hope I don’t see any more of it.

Athens Township should fix roads

I was wondering when Athens Township is going to start working on the roads. We have huge potholes throughout our township. It’s terrible to drive your vehicle on, especially Round Top below Highland Drive.

Track and release programs for cats are wrong

Track and release programs for feral cats are wrong because the cats are still feral. They are an invasive species and a threat to native wildlife. They carry the dangerous toxoplasmosis which is spread through their feces. It causes neurological and ocular diseases in humans, and the toxoplasmosis can stay alive in soil, in gardens, in cat litter for up to 18 months. They should stop the program.

Problem with neighbor’s dogs

I am writing in regards to neighbors that have a dog and let it out to go in backyard. The dog or neighbors aren’t the problem, but the smell is. I am only asking they clean up after, like we do when walking our dogs. With this heat and doggie doo, you can’t set out on porch or deck — it’s terrible.

Praise for river walk, concern over potholes

Would just like to say thank you to whomever is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the new river walk along the Susquehanna River. It is a wonderful addition to the park. I am hoping our “town fathers” are going to soon address the huge holes in the south side of the parking area near the basketball court. A lot of paving has happened there already, so let’s get this done. It would be great to show off these new upgrades before our “big night” on August 24.

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