I wish to thank Johnny Williams and the Morning Times for your Feb. 1 story “Crunching the numbers: Taking a look at cost-per-student at the local level.” It demonstrated yet again how small rural school districts like Waverly and Tioga often provide a superior education to students at a fraction of the cost compared to other districts in New York State.

At Tioga Central we are very proud of earning a National Blue Ribbon and New York State awards for academic excellence in addition to our many wonderful extra-curricular and athletic achievements. The 2016-2017 Fiscal Accountability Supplement for Tioga CSD shows that we provided all of these programs at a cost of $8,669 per General Education student and $15,931 per Special Education student. Much like our neighbor Waverly and other districts in the region. these costs were far below the state average that year of $12,615 per general education student and $31,423 per Special Education student.

Everyone knows that strong local schools are a key investment in the future of our children and our region. Your story highlighted just how effective our local school districts have been at using those investments wisely. All of us in the area districts strive to be both fiscally responsible and student centered — to provide a well-rounded education and a low per student cost. This balance can only be achieved through the hard work of our amazing educators, the efforts of our families, and the continued support of our communities including our neighborhood media outlets like the Morning Times. Thank you.

Dr. David Hamilton

Tioga Central Superintendent

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