We all know the Four Horsemen: famine, war, plague and conquest. We now have to rename the Four Horsemen: Trump, Barr, McConnell and the Republican Party.

The arguments that the Republicans are making are laying the foundation for a dictatorship or a monarchy. The founding fathers made it clear that no person should be above the law, yet that is exactly what the Republicans are arguing. I say forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

To yield to a bully and let him have his way is all the encouragement he needs to further abuse his power and to threaten our very democracy. If he wins, as the saying goes you ain’t seen nothing yet and all who have opposed him in this process should be concerned about their future well-being.

Three of the Four Horsemen exemplify how we are losing if we haven’t already lost the separation of powers. You have the President, head of the Senate and head of the Department of Justice working for one purpose — to support an admitted abuser of power for his own gain.

People say they don’t believe what the Democrats have been saying. They say they don’t see the facts. Facts are documents to which there is no challenge, evidence is testimony given under oath and challenged through cross examination or admissions against interest.

The Republicans had their chance in the hearings to cross examine the witnesses and the witnesses’ testimony stood up. The Republican’s hearsay evidence or specious arguments to defend a man with no morals or understanding of right and wrong. Those who don’t see the facts and evidence and what they point to are either blind, never took civics classes or just don’t care. We are in a unique situation. We used to say the facts will set you free. Not anymore, facts don’t matter to those who blindly follow Trump and his patsy.

Loyalty is sometimes blind and in the current state of affairs loyalty is blinding many people who know better but can’t admit it. The economy was good in Germany in the mid to late thirties and people loved Hitler. When they woke up it was too late. Are we destined for the same fate?

These quotes sum it better than I can: The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse ... and it is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

We are about to be trampled by the Four Horsemen if we do not wake up and it won’t be pretty.

As Milton Friedman said, “The great threat to freedom is the concentration of power”.

Jack Schamel


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