Snapshots from the Past

This sign was on the side of the Nate Roseman’s grocery business at 122 West Packer Avenue in downtown Sayre. Roseman operated his store selling fruits and groceries from 1923 until the mid-1930s. It was during that time the sign was painted on the side of the building. Unfortunately for Roseman, construction of a new adjacent building and business, Hospital Shoe Repair, concealed the sign but covering it up helped preserve it for decades. In 1993 Hospital Shoe Repair and a corner gas station, Frisbie’s Chevon, were demolished to make way for the construction of a Dandy Mini Mart convenience store. As a result, the old sign was revealed for a short period of time, until the new Dandy construction concealed it once again. The emphasis on coffee in the sign was to highlight Roseman’s ad in The Evening Times — “15 Different Kinds of Coffee; A Brand to Suit Every Taste and Purse.” When Roseman left the grocery business he became a well-known antique dealer, operating it from his home on South Wilbur Avenue and later at 193 South Keystone Avenue, both in Sayre. At the time of his retirement in 1974 his antique shop was on Chemung Street in Waverly. He died in 1977. Today Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery occupies the building at 122 West Packer Avenue where Mr. Roseman had the big sign painted. Photo provided by Jim Nobles

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