WAVERLY — The Interscholastic Athletic Conference has gone virtual in the sport of bowling this season due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some things were different. For one thing, each team had just two people per lane and stayed on one lane throughout the match instead of crossing over as they normally would. With plexiglass dividers between each lane from the ball return to the foul line, the teams were able to get this match in and expect to finish what will be a one-month season.

Therefore, when Waverly and Tioga met up at Valley Bowling Center — the home house for both — Tuesday afternoon the teams separated to different parts of the lanes. In the IAC’s first competition since March, Tioga’s boys posted a 3-1 win over their “hosts” and Waverly’s girls swept Tioga 4-0.

More than competition, though, this was about a chance to compete.

“It was really great for the kids to be able to compete,” said Waverly Coach Pete Girolamo. “It’s almost humbling. We’re totally appreciative. It’s great to be able to compete. The kids followed all of the rules. Everybody was masked and after their turn they followed the rules and went back and sat as their partner took their turn. It’s the first step back.”


Tioga 3, Waverly 1

Tioga 845-977-1,076 2,898

Waverly 949-907-944 2,800

Waverly’s Zach Vanderpool killed it for the opening match of the season. Vanderpool followed an opening 245 with a 225 and a 238 for a 708 series.

Tioga won the match with depth. Dylan Slater led Tioga with a 590 highlighted by a 212 opener. Frank Chapman added a 570 on the strength of a 202 in the second game and a 240 closer. Kolton Pond’s 563 had a 225 in the middle and Nick Slater had a 555 that he closed with a 238.

In addition, Rocco Fariello had a high of 199 on the way to a 548 and Gage Cain closed his 543 with a 204.

For Waverly, Ashto Pritchard had a 548 with a high of 194 and Matt Mauersberg opened his 514 with a 201.

Also for Waverly, Derek Johnson had a 507, Cody Blackwell finished with a 465 and Richard Stevens had a 450.


Waverly 4, Tioga 0

Tioga 584-577-502 1,663

Waverly 828-812-831 2,471

Waverly’s Victoria Houseknecht opened the 2021 season with a 600 on games of 193, 214 and 193. Rachel Houseknecht waq right on her sister’s heels with a 589 that featured a 206, a 184 and a 199 and teammate Haley Kittle rolled a 546 with a 210 opener and a 184 finish.

Also for Waverly, Shantilly Decker finished off a 481 with a 177 and Serenity Clark totaled 255.

Tioga was led by Sestini Sweet with a 399. BobbiJon Tarbox had a 362, Jamie Card finished with a total pinfall of 358 and Cassie Birney rolled a 323.

Also for Tioga, Breana Wittig had a 209 total and Sara Burrowes ended the day with 203.

Waverly and Tioga are back in action on Thursday when Waverly takes on Watkins Glen and Tioga faces Edison in virtual matches.

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