BLOSSBURG — Sayre and North Penn-Mansfield expected to be kicking off for some Friday night football, but as has happened a couple times earlier this year, a game was called off the day of the game due to Covid concerns.

“It’s tough, because you prepare all week to play and when you get word the morning of and it takes the wind out of your sails,” Sayre coach Kevin Gorman said.

As tough as things are, North Penn-Mansfield coach Tom Dickinson had his kids ready that games could be lost at any time.

A week ago Sayre had a bye week, and now they are off for another Friday night.

“It’s very tough because we were supposed to have a game last week and that turned into a bye and now this week turned into a bye,” Gorman said. “The guys just want to play and now it’s been two full weeks of no games.”

“We knew from the start this could possibly happen,” Dickinson said. “I told them we don’t know when it could be our last game or practice so take it one day at a time and give it their best.”

While the players know this type of thing can happen, that doesn’t make it any less difficult on them.

“They aren’t happy,” Gorman said. “Everyone wants to play and they understand things can happen and prevent that, but they were bummed out when the news came out.”

What’s next is up in the air.

Sayre hopes that they can get this game in sometime, but they aren’t sure what will happen.

“I hope we can reschedule the game,” Gorman said. “Like I said, we want to play and I know North Penn wants to play. If we have to move days around to get these last two games in I know the team would be all for it.”

The Panthers were all ready for Friday night, now they aren’t sure what is next for the team.

“We practiced well and were prepared so that is hard,” Dickinson said. “Not sure about next week.”

Next week is up in the air for the Panthers, because Southern Tioga School District didn’t travel to Bradford County the second half of this week.

The Panthers were scheduled to travel to Troy next Friday for the Trojans’ Homecoming game.

However, Troy’s athletic director is now searching for another game because Southern Tioga wasn’t coming to Bradford County, and being homecoming the Trojans want to have a game at home.

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