The year was 1979. I had recently moved to Canton from Williamsport. I lived in an apartment across from the First National Bank of Canton.

On the last Friday of the two week buck season, I decided to go to a place on Armenia Mountain that I knew well from many deer and turkey hunts. The area I hunted was very near Lambs Park. There was a small amount of State Game Lands east of Lambs Park. I walked out that flat area which was near the lands and ravine that Chet Pauls owned. The other area looked down on farms located along what is now Trailer Park Road and the Lewis Dunbar farm.

The woods were extremely dry. Every step on dry leaves sounded like a bull elephant passing through. Sure enough, before I was able to get to my stand along the top of the rocks, I kicked out several does sunning themselves along the southern ridge. What to do now?

It was about 3:00 p.m. Amazingly, within 15 or 20 minutes a 6 point buck slowly came up the ravine, nose to ground scenting the does. I shoot the buck at less than 25 yards. He dropped immediately. Now the work began.

I was only about two to three hundred yards from my Dodge Colt l975 station wagon. The drag consisted of me getting the deer to the old logging road and dragging it uphill. By the time I got to road, I simply decided to wait until some hunters came along. None did.

After ½ hour, I was able to get that buck in the back of my vehicle. My Boy Scout days enabled me to lift the deer in the back of the station wagon by using ropes and leverage.

It was after 4:30 p.m. when I pulled into Troy Meat Plant along route 14. I had bought meats there previously thus knew Dan Bastion well. When I asked if he could process my deer, he stated “yes.” When I asked him how many deer had been brought in to his shop that day, he stated “yours is the only one. I told him my story and where I shot the deer and the drag mostly uphill. When he asked me how much I thought the deer weighed, I guessed 125 lbs. The actual weight was 112 pounds. He had a nice butchering operation. After he took off the hide and washed the carcass, he hung it on gambrels and hung it for a week before he cut it up.

It was a wonderful day of deer hunting. I still have that rack in our garage. It shows the date in 1979, and the words, “last Friday.” One of the most thoughtful memories I have.

Linda & I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

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