As the warm weather of Spring draws near, taking to the streets or trails to run will become more bearable, making for a great time to get started with a new activity, or continue with a routine.

Additionally, with gyms being forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people can turn to running to get out of the house while practicing the recommended social distancing.

Sayre boys soccer and assistant track coach Greg Hughey, who is an avid runner, offered some insight for people looking to get into the activity.

Hughey stressed the importance of not starting out with anything too intense.

“A lot of people like to charge out of the gate, then they run a couple hundred yards fast and they’re done,” he said. “I would just say whatever pace somebody can tolerate doing. I wouldn’t go super fast.”

Hughey suggested using Couch to 5K, an app designed for people to get into shape by running over a period of time.

“That’s a good one where people can just start out, and they can get moving that way. It takes them pretty slow through the process and gets them walking and running,” he said.

When he goes out for runs, Hughey said he usually likes to go through Sayre, and continue into Waverly. He especially enjoys running on Pennsylvania Ave.

For more challenging workouts, he suggested running Sayre Hill.

Hughey doesn’t limit his running workouts to the road, though.

“I’ll hit the Athens or the Sayre track once in a while when I’m doing speed work,” he said.

Both tracks are usually open to the public.

He added that the track is good for people who might not want to focus on distance, and are just seeking a way to be active. Additionally, running or walking on a track means you are never too far from home if you get tired.

“If you get tired, the car is right there,” Hughey said.

Hughey also suggested some other activities for staying in shape without having to travel anywhere, as many facilities are closed.

“There are lots of things people can do at home without weights.” he said, suggesting exercises that use your own body weight as resistance.

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