WAVERLY — The Waverly High School athletics department will head into the school year with a new leader as the school board officially welcomed Rich McIntosh as the district’s next Director of Athletics and Transportation during Thursday’s meeting.

McIntosh, who spent most of his career in the Jasper-Troupsburg School District, is excited for the opportunity to work with the Wolverines.

“The position was very attractive and I jumped on it. I look forward to a good challenge and this is it,” said McIntosh, who is the husband of Waverly’s curriculum coordinator, Elizabeth McIntosh. “There are lot of great things going on here. Obviously, my wife is the director of instruction and curriculum here, so I hear a lot of great things about the school.”

Waverly superintendent Eric Knolles is thrilled to bring an experienced athletic director on board.

“Rich is an experienced athletic director from Jasper-Troupsburg. He gave them 20 good years and came to us and said ‘I’m hearing great things about Waverly. I hear you guys are growing and I’d like to be a part of this team,’” Knolles said.

McIntosh has 14 years of experience as a varsity baseball coach to go along with his 23 years in public education at Jasper-Troupsburg.

With the timing of the hire coming right before the school year, it was important for Waverly to bring in someone who can hit the ground running.

“You’re not hiring somebody who has never done the job before,” said Knolles.

McIntosh knocked his interview out of the park, according to Knolles.

“He sold our interview board on it, which was made up of people in the transportation department, female coaches, male coaches, teachers, union representation and the admin team. They bought into him and now he’s a Wolverine,” Knolles said.

McIntosh’s tenure as Waverly’s AD will begin on Wednesday.

“The top of my list is get together with coaches and get the ball rolling,” said McIntosh.

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