WAVERLY — Zach Vanderpool led Waverly’s boys with a 715 and Mackenzie Plouse paced the Wolverines ladies with a 638 as Waverly opened the 2019-2020 IAC bowling season with sweeps of Notre Dame.

Waverly will host Dryden at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.


Waverly 4, Notre Dame 0

Vanderpool opened the 2019 season by stringing strikes. He followed an opening-game 246 with a 245 and a 224.

Waverly won the games 986-771, 1,022-806 and 1,026-829 and added the point for total pinfall 3,034-2,406.

Matt Mauersberg added a 606 that included a pair of 213 games and Darrick Canfield had a 213 in the middle of a 585 set.

Also for Waverly, Ashton Pritchard had a 200 in the middle of a 542, Cody Blackwell struggled early before putting it all together for a 236 at the end of a 519 and Richard Stevens finished with a solid 511.

Anthony Lyon led Notre Dame with a 538 and Stephen Schmidt added a 507. Also for the Crusaders, Collin Tolbert had a 208 in the third game.



Waverly 4, Notre Dame 0

Plouse started the year right with a 213 and added a 233 and a 190.

Waverly won the games 864-673, 932-591 and 883-657 to take the point for total pinfall 2,679-1,921.

In support of Plouse, Rache Houseknecht rolled a 211, a 190 and a 192 for a 593 and Victoria Houseknecht had a 211 in the middle of a 546 and then finished it off with a 182.

Morgan Lee added a 434 for Waverly, Sadie VanAllen wrapped up a 425 with a 179, and Megan Lee had a 409.

Gwen Harrington led Notre Dame with a 445.

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