SAYRE — Sayre had the team in 2020. All of the elements were there for a very successful season — until there wasn’t a season.

It’s time to reboot in Sayre as the Redskins begin there 2021 campaign in Athens at noon today against a Wildcats team that has two games under its collective belt.

Sayre Head Coach Jamie VanDuzer said he has simple goals or the 2021 season.

“Our team goals are to compete for a league title and qualify for districts,” said VanDuzer, adding that he’s excited to see what his guys can accomplish.

“I’m excited to see some of these newcomers jump in and play after missing a chance as freshman. Also, our juniors and seniors are talented but it’s difficult to judge where we stand without seeing them play any games last year. We have a good amount of arms and we should be able to score runs. I believe if we stay healthy and play defense we will be in good shape.”

Sayre has eight guys back from what would have been last year’s team in Jake Burgess; Jordan Goodrich; Dom Fabbri; Brayden Horton; Mason Houseknecht; Zach Moore, David Northrup; Kannon VanDuzer

VanDuzer said that he’ll be leaning on his three seniors for their leadership.

“Burgess, Goodrich and Moore all will provide leadership which will be more important than ever before after not having a season (in 2020), Also Brayden Horton, who was Rookie of the year as a freshman, is part of a pretty talented junior class and will also provide some leadership at catcher.”

There are also a number of talented athletes who bring their skills up to the varsity. Luke Horton; Zach Garrity; Kegan Hayford; Josh Arnold; Oakley Gorman; and Jackson Hubbard fill out the roster.

“We will be looking for Luke Horton to lead our pitching staff as a sophomore, and the others are going to be expected to fill some spots from the six seniors we lost to graduation last year,” said VanDuzer. “Many of these newcomers are both talented and versatile, Many will play several different positions.”

As far as the league is concerned, nobody really knows what to expect.

“I think we will kind of learn as we go, In a normal season you would have a few notes on returning players and kids who will lead other teams. Obviously, that won’t be the case this year,” said the coach. “I was kind of surprised at our first practice to see how much bigger some of our kids are than I remembered from two season’s ago. The league has also gone through coaching changes. It should be a lot of fun. (I’m) very thankful that we will be able to have a season.”

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