Van Etten chemical cart

The Town of Van Etten dedicated a chemical cart that is now on display outside the town hall in early October.

VAN ETTEN — A public hearing regarding the New York State Cannabis Law began October’s Van Etten Town Board meeting. Public turnout for the hearing and board meeting filled the town hall past capacity.

Several town residents voiced their stances on the New York Cannabis Law. Many residents advised the board to be cautious about accepting the law. One resident encouraged the board to have proponents of the cannabis law make a case for why it should be accepted before the town considers permitting the sale and on-site consumption of cannabis.

Encouraging the board to make an informed decision, the resident also wanted to know the health effects of cannabis on different age groups. Another resident recommended opting out of the law first and seeing how other municipalities handle the change.

One supporter of allowing cannabis dispensaries encouraged the board to opt in so that cannabis could be obtained legally instead of through drug deals which have troubled the town. This resident compared cannabis to alcohol and expressed the desire to see cannabis use regulated similarly to alcohol use.

After the close of the public hearing, the board decided to postpone the public comment portion of the board meeting since not all attendees to the meeting could fit in the building’s limited capacity.

Later in the month, a Community Watch Public Comment Night was held in order to hear from all residents wishing to make comments. Over 15 attendees came to comment on the community watch program.

Toward the beginning of October, the town dedicated the chemical cart with a small parade ending just outside the town hall in a small building where the chemical cart is now displayed. The building is outfitted with a display widow and even lights for night-time display.

A comment about the poor condition of the post office parking lot brought up an explanation about the situation of the post office. The post office property is owned by Bruce Tubbs while the postal service leases the facilities, and the post office is the one responsible for the condition of the parking lot. The post office building with the lease with the postal service is currently for sale for $429,000.

Town Justice Heather Gable resigned in September, leaving her position open. Supervisor George Keturi reached out to Honorable Leon E. Tuttle to fill the position until a new judge can fill the position. Tuttle agreed to serve as town justice for as long as the town needs him. Elections for the position will take place next November. Training sessions for town justice certification take place in December and April.

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