A farmer's market fun for all ages

Students from Elm Street Elementary getting face paintings by local high schoolers.

WAVERLY — The Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce held their weekly farmer’s market at Muldoon Park on Friday, and added something new.

“We have various vendors like jewelry, jams and jellies, the Microgreens, ice cream sandwiches, flowers, it’s just a nice variety,” said Executive Director of The Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce Jan Lee.

The farmer’s market had a new addition at this week’s gathering. The Commerce welcomed elementary students to various activities at the market.

“But, today we have third graders coming, we had one class come through from Elm Street Elementary, making a little field trip out of it,” she said.

“We got the fire department to come for them,” she added. “We developed a scavenger hunt for them. The kids are leaving with a fire hat, book mark, pencil, and a flower.”

The elementary students arrived in several different classes, making for a fun-filled morning.

“We also have kids from the high school doing face painting for them,” she said.

Lee said she is happy with the newest addition to the farmer’s market. “We like to get the schools involved with the community and this is a really good way to do it,” she said.

The market had a variety of vendors to choose from.

“The Wolverine Den is also here, and they have amazing coffee,” Lee added.

There is more to come to the market. “Soon we’ll have more vegetables, there’s a lot of nice vendors that grow tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and things of that sort, so they will be coming soon,” she said.

The farmer’s market will be at Muldoon Park for months to come. “We’ll be doing this until Fall,” Lee said. “We’re hoping to, if the weather holds up, do this until September.”

The Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce farmer’s market is held every Friday, 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at Muldoon Park in Waverly during the summer.

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