BARTON — The Barton Town Council approved new rates in sewer billing at their meeting on Monday.

The sewer rate minimum increase will be $30.78, including up to 600 cubic feet for three months.

Additionally, the sewer rate will increase from $4.88 to $5.13 per 100 cubic feet in access to known usage.

The Village of Waverly capital charge will reduce from $39 to $34 quarterly.

The council also accepted the resignation of tax assessor Mary Jo LeClaire. The position is open and will need to be filled.

In addition, the council updated the Town of Barton Emergency Operations and Pandemic Plan.

A big change was needed as the third-ranking official of the town board is no longer with the council. The council appointed a fellow member as the new third ranking official.

David Shipman will take over the supervisor position if both the current supervisor Don Foster or deputy supervisor Kevin Everly should be incapacitated.

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