WAVERLY — Addressing concerns brought forth by a resident regarding water sales to commercial businesses, village trustees asked water plant operator Pat Roney to appear before the board on Tuesday to explain the process.

Specifically, the resident questioned whether selling water to commercial businesses was fair to village residents, and was concerned about the rates offered to businesses as well as if too much water was being taken.

But on Tuesday, Roney explained that there are only three main businesses that pull village water, and the water is mostly used to fill swimming pools. Additionally, those businesses are charged more than residents.

“Commercial businesses are charged $55 per truckload,” he said. “The biggest truck we fill is like 6,000 gallons, but that $55 is charged no matter how much they get. So if they come in and need only 4,200 gallons, they’re still getting charged that $55.”

Village Clerk Michele Wood said, comparatively, the village charges approximately $17.38 to residents per 5,500 gallons of water.

“Many other communities sell water to businesses as well,” Roney added. “We’re certainly not the only ones that do it.”

Roney noted that the amount of water being taken by the businesses is not nearly enough to cause for concern.

“We would lose more water in a leak than from selling to businesses,” he said. “Plus, our wells are constantly checked. There’s a limit to how much they can take, but they’re not close to that.”

Deputy Mayor Andrew Aronstam said while the village does get a larger profit from selling water to businesses, the village is not “in the business” of selling water.

“It’s a nice little side revenue that helps keep water rates down for residents,” he said. “It’s not a ton of money, but it’s enough.”

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