WAVERLY — During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elderwood at Waverly was hit hard by the virus with more than 70 confirmed cases and 22 deaths by mid-July 2020.

The skilled nursing facility was able to announce it was COVID free as of July 26, 2020 and celebrated the recovery of 49 individuals.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks “Elderwood at Waverly has experienced a recurrence of COVID-19,” according to Chuck Hayes, who is the vice president of marketing and communications for Elderwood.

According to a press release from Hayes, a total of 16 residents and nine staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since November 12.

“Most cases are mild, and many are asymptomatic. Staff who have tested positive have quarantined at home. Three residents are currently hospitalized,” Hayes said in the statement. “All families of residents have been made aware of the confirmed cases as they were discovered, and those families with a loved one who has a positive diagnosis have been given details of their loved ones’ condition.”

Hayes pointed out in the press release that both Tioga and Bradford Counties are currently experiencing high levels of COVID-19 transmission and vaccination rates in the community are lagging at just 64% and 46%, respectively. However, the vaccination rate among Elderwood’s staff is 100% and 92% of residents at the facility are fully vaccinated.

“Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are more common among those who are at high risk, including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. Vaccinated individuals are significantly less likely to experience serious complications from a COVID-19 infection,” Hayes noted.

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